Monday, April 11, 2011

A Lovely Day

Sunday morning, Bethelle found a penny and asked if she could keep it.  I told her to find a special place for it.  Twenty minutes later, Rigby found the same penny, casually placed, and asked if he could keep it.  I told him he could.  After all, if Bethelle had done as she was told and took care of her money, then this was a different penny.  In his excitement over the acquisition, Rigby ran to Bethelle, exclaiming his good fortune.  Bethelle said that the penny was hers.  You can imagine the fight that ensued.  But it didn't.  They calmly worked out that they would share the penny.  We're talking about a three year-old and a six year-old.

Fast forward to church.  In Bethelle's primary (Sunday school for kids) class, the teacher brings a small treat.  Kids who are wearing the "Choose the Right" bracelet that she previously gave them get a double treat.  After class, I rounded up the kids, getting Bethelle last.  She came out just finishing up a fruit roll and had one in her hand.  She promptly handed it to Rigby, saying, "Here, Rigs!  It's a treat you've never had before!"

Rigby is nothing if not sincere in gratitude.  If you know him, you know what I mean.  He said, "Thank you, Bethelle!" (or, "Sank you, Beffelle!")  "Wow!  Bethelle, thank you!"  Then he reached into his little pin-striped pocket, pulled out the morning's penny, and told Bethelle that she could have it.

After church, I found the picture that Bethelle had drawn during sacrament meeting.  It was of a little girl in a purple dress.  Written above it were the words "I {heart} my brother."

For a mommy like me, it was a lovely day.


Butlers said...

So sweet. Thanks for sharing!

Meagan Kemp said...

Favorite post so far. This is exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you for sharing.

JM Inc. said...

That is beyond awesome...can my kids come play with your kids? I'm hoping it will rub off on them(:

Our Ohana said...

What a wonderful memory to record... you had me in tears!