Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Sunday Walk

We have been here in San Francisco for three months already and have less than two to go.  Time to check more SF moments off the list!

Sunday evening found us walking across the Golden Gate Bridge.  The kids and I have traversed it by car a few times, but Nick's first crossing was this on-foot venture.

Here we are, ready to go.
Pretty girls.  Check out those Curie pigtails!  That's a first for her.  Just another miserable sign that she is growing up.  Sometimes I comfort myself by going through a mental list of reasons that I can still consider her to be a baby.  Diapers, babbling, binkie, waddle, chubby cheeks, bibs, high chair...

Curie knew she looked good when she sat down here.  After a few "oooh, cute!"s and some pictures, she got up, walked about five feet, and sat down hoping for the same reaction.  She did this about four times.  Even today (two days later), she tried to repeat the process a few times while we were out, looking for places to sit and be cute.
The whole structure is just mammoth.  So impressive.

You can see everything SF from the bridge: the Bay Bridge, Twin Peaks, Crissy Field, the Palace of Fine Arts (we're headed there this weekend!), the Presidio (behind Nick in the above picture), Fisherman's Wharf, and so much more.  The skyline below is the financial district, near where we live.

That's our city.  We really do love San Francisco.  More every day.


Paul Rushton said...

Finally, pictures of the Elkster......... Pablo

Garth said...

There is more than just one cutie in those pictures. I would say 5.
Love, Grandma J.