Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Little Paris - The Legion of Honor

Today was the first Tuesday of the month, which means free museums.  Next up for us was the Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park.
The museum is perched on a hilltop.  To the north is the entrance to the San Francisco Bay.  To the east is China Beach and a beautiful golf course, and looking south I could see the city.

The museum has an obvious European feel and the exhibits were of the same style as you'd see in a European museum, but some particular aspects were uniquely familiar, though much smaller scale than their French counterparts.  Here is the entrance to the Legion of Honor, with a glass pyramid right in front.
And the entrance to France's most famous museum, the Louvre with its glass pyramid.
The arch-entrance to the museum's courtyard:
L'arc de Triumph in Paris:
A statue of some kind of mounted soldier in the front yard area of the Legion of Honor:
And Jeanne D'arc in Paris.
We only got to see about half of the interior.  Rigby was still pretty worked up about his knee (see previous post) and Curie has figured out just how noisy she has to be to get out of quiet places.  She mastered that one in Sunday School.  I'm no art major, and I did not recognize any of the paintings that I saw, but the exhibits were nice and I think that Bethelle really enjoyed this taste of the renaissance.

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Garth said...

You have gone to so many, many, many wonderful places in SF. I wonder how all of these places are financed. With California in such poor financial condition, I just had to ask.
Love, Grandma J.