Saturday, April 2, 2011

Crissy Field Again

I guess we've been here long enough when we make repeat outings.  But I love Crissy Field.
As I sat on the beach, it was hard to believe that I live so close to this.  It feels like vacation!  How does one just decide on a whim to pack up, drive four miles, and end up here?
We almost did not stay.  When we arrived on the scene, there were at least 25 dogs running around on the beach.  Animals are great in their place, but I just don't do dogs.  And especially not 25 dogs.  Where were all the owners?  Just as we were about to turn around, the ONE owner (or dog-watcher) whistled and they all came running.  And left.  Phew.
There are at least 30 pictures that I want to put on this blog post, but Nick helped me cut them down to nine.  Each picture I cut broke my heart just a little, but I think I have preserved the best of them for you.

We began by playing just in the sand, but when the kids ventured down to the water, they had found a new home.  I love watching them creeeeep hesitantly out, then scream and run in when a wave threatens, just to do it all over again like they don't expect that wave this time.
Nick says Curie looks like a news reporter doing a story about changing tides.

Just before it was time to leave, Bethelle was struck with inspiration to run to the water, get as wet as possible, then run back up and roll in the dry sand.  Being a kid has a lovely way of making that seem like a good idea.
We missed having Nick with us...


Jenny said...

That's incredible..four miles away? And it's warm enough to wear a bathing suit and play in the sand? I'm just a tiny bit jealous! But I'm glad you guys are having such a great time.

Me and My Boys said...

So cute, that one of Curie next to the water, Ahh I die! Love that curly hair. I'm glad you guys are enjoying your time down there.

Paul Rushton said...

So, so sweet..... I love seeing the kids. Too bad you're not in many of the pictures. Nick will have to catch some of you to make up for it. The NICKY in the sand sure tugged at my heart strings! Grandma Patsy

Our Ohana said...

I bet that girl was finding sand in some unwelcome places! My girls have definitely been there! What a beautiful, special day! I love the one at the end of Curie holding that umbrella. Precious.

Paul Rushton said...

Hey, looks like Rigby is putting on some weight. I love it, and I am so glad you guys are making the most of San Francisco. Thanks for all you do Elke, you are the best.