Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lombard and Side Streets

You knew it was only a matter of time until this street appeared on my blog, right?

Lombard is dubbed the "crookedest street in the world" and I wouldn't doubt it.

Last weekend, we took a little Sunday drive down its switchbacks.  All eight of them.  I expected the scale and steepness.  What I did not expect was the line to get on.  It was like a roller coaster for cars.  Not only did we wait in line for our turn, we began by leaning back and inching up, up, up to the precipice of Russian Hill.  I half expected to scream and throw my arms up at the top.

Side note #1:
This really doesn't need its own post, but I wanted to document that Nick and I went to a Madeleine Peyroux concert as an early birthday-date.  She was great, but seemed disappointed in our reactions and lack-luster applause.  I attribute this to the impersonal venue and her moody blues choice of songs.  If singing the blues does what is intended, the audience will be in no mood to scream cheers at the end of the number.  A meager show of appreciation should do until the next swing number.
Side note #2:
This is getting ridiculous.  Fortunately, I don't drive far or often.  Do you?
Side note #3:
This blog just reached 30,000 hits!  In reality, several dozen (wink) of those hits are mine... but THANK YOU readers... for caring!

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Our Ohana said...

A bunch of those hits are mine too! Hey, am I the 30,000 winner? Do I get a prize? I hope it's a ride down a crazy slow, but very exciting red-brick road! Actually, I was super excited to watch that because I was a big Herbie fan as a kid, and that scene where he speeds down the curvy road in San Fran was one of my favorite parts! Now you've done it! So cool.