Friday, October 18, 2013

A (birth)Day at the Park

Pierce shares his birthdate with a cousin, Sterling.  By the time Pierce's actual birthday rolled around, we had already celebrated his big day, and Sterling had a plan to celebrate later, but we all got together and celebrated another cousin's upcoming birthday.  So, happy birthday Nolan!  Ironic, but whatever.  It was a beautiful day at the park.

Here is Pierce with the cousins playing behind him.

 And the other literal birthday boy, Sterling.  Doesn't he look like me?  Like, more than my own kids do?
 This party was the last large gathering of the family before Jared's kids all left for England.
 I debated posting this one.  It's kinda creepy and really cute at the same time.
 This one's a bit more mild.  Cute little pair.
 Haley.  We miss you.  Come home.
 Nolan with Rigby.
 And Pierce did get one present on his actual day.

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