Friday, October 18, 2013

Lynden, part one

This summer's little reunion of my side of the family took us to Lynden, Washington.  It's about as far north as you can go around here without crossing into Canada.  We had a beautiful drive, taking a small, scenic detour on the way.  We could not have timed the sunset any better.
 Once in Lynden, it seems that priority number one was an ice cream run.  Lynden is a small, old fashioned, agricultural town with a Dutch history.  This ice cream parlor was home-run and delicious.
 Everyone was pretty happy there.
 Then we went to the play area in the large city park.  I love swing pictures.  Maybe because the smiles are alway so genuine.  No need to say "cheese" when you're on a swing.
 My niece, Daphne.  Of all my kids and their cousins, I think she looks the most like me.  Don't you agree?  Wouldn't you say, "That's Elke's kid"?
 The playground had a small, play-version of the town.  It even had our new favorite ice cream parlor.
A slow river ran through the park, and the day was a hot one.

 Pierce certainly enjoyed himself.
Charlotte, downtown.
 And Daphne again.  Both girls are Blair's kids, if you know my brother.
 And Bethelle.  My girl.

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