Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wild Waves

On the day before Curie's fourth birthday, we were invited by some friends to go to Wild Waves.  A water park is the sort of place that is too stressful for me to take these four kiddos (mostly Pierce) at full price, feeling like I have to stay all day and get the most out of it.  Marisa had some great coupons and passes, so we got in for a great deal.  Pressure relieved.  We went after Pierce had gotten a few minutes' nap, and that really made all the difference.

 The water park has a small amusement park attached.  This kind of ride has no thrill for me, but kids always love them.  Each boat has a name.  One was called the Shirley Ann.  I definitely think that there should be an e at the end.  Are there any kindred spirits out there who are with me?

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