Friday, October 18, 2013

Lynden, the house

My sister-in-law's parents just bought a large house in Lynden.  We pretty much invited ourselves and then made ourselves at home.  It's a good thing they are so affable.  They are great company and the house was perfect for our large crew.

This picture is taken from the house's deck.  There's a large lawn down to a trampoline, fire pit, rope swing, and finally to the lake.  Most of the kids are on the trampoline.  See the blue dot in the middle?  That's Pierce, thinking he has escaped and will get to the kids without being intercepted.
 Back on the deck, Pierce wanted to dress for the occasion.  His shirt matches his sun umbrella.
 In the evenings we went down by the lake for fires, songs, and smores.
 Grandpa doing his Grandpa-thing.
 Charlotte with her other grandma.  See the house in the background?
 Rigby.  The s'more in his hand is probably for me.  He's a generous guy like that, always thinking of others.
 A few of Troy's kids (he's up to six now!).

 This picture of Asher seems almost framable, and then there's the marshmallow all over his face.

 And here we are all together.  Well, not quite; Jared and his family are in England now, so we really missed them.  They've never missed a family summer trip before.  They'll be back.

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