Saturday, October 19, 2013

Anderson Island 2013

I took the kids out to Anderson Island for our last summer get-away of the season.  I grew up going to AI, and it never really changes.  I love seeing my kids doing the same things that I remember doing and playing on the same playground where I played.

I'm not sure how this happened,  but it was pretty awesome.
 We had a few guests while on the island.  Grandma Patsy brought her new kayak out for a dip.  No, Pierce did not go for a ride.
 But everybody else did.
 This slide lands in a shallow swimming area for kids.  Too deep for Pierce, of course (a bathtub is too deep for Pierce), but perfect for the others.  Pierce is curious and a climber, so he loved to get up into this position.  We finally nudged him down, thinking that would be the end of the climbing.  He loved it!

 Who would not want to grow up here?  When we are out of baby season, I may come every nice week in July and August.

 See what I mean?  Classic Piercy.

 The lake park had this little bridge over nothing.  Pierce loved it.  He spent most of his time over there. It was so funny.  It was a little ways away from us, but he was safely away from the water and not bothering any of the other people at the park.  Just look at him lounging on that rock!  What a crack-up.

 More swing pictures...

 I can't remember who took this, but I'm sure they were under four feet tall.

Thank you, Anderson Island.  We'll be back.  Often.

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