Friday, October 18, 2013

Spashing and Going Home

I had to divide this trip up into a few posts due to how cute my kids are.  I just could not resist publishing all the pictures that I have posted.

The wind may have been rough, but we had a fantastic hotel for the kids.  The pool was large, indoor, and had a large hot tub, a shallow, warmer kiddie pool, and an indoor splash pad.  They loved being there and it was a perfect way to test all the new skills they had been learning at their swimming lessons over the summer.

The drive home was longer, as we didn't stop in Tillamook or in Portland.  The day was hot and coming up I-5 this time, we missed the cool breeze off of the ocean.  The AC in our van was less than adequate, so Siri and I found a splash park near a Sonic in a town that we would be passing through during happy hour.  Siri and I make a great team.
Happiness was restored and brain freezes were a worthy price to pay.

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