Friday, October 18, 2013

Piercy's First Birthday

If I type quickly, I can get this posted before he's 18 months old.

We did have his party on or before his actual birthdate.  To be clear,  I don't run as far behind on celebrating actual occasions as I do on blogging them.
C'mon now.  Isn't that invitation priceless?  I printed a big one as a wanted poster and it is still on the side of the cabinet next to the high chair.

The problem with this celebration was that I had made it very clear that Pierce is not to grow up.  He is to remain a baby forever.  After all, how can I stay a mommy if I don't have a baby?  Mommies are people with babies!  Pierce is cute and our little handsome man, so he must remain a baby.  The kids wanted to know why he was having a party if he is not allowed to grow up (clever little guys), so we decided that this is just a handsome party; not a birthday party.  We are celebrating how handsome Pierce is, and we are inviting the family.  And having cake.  Why the candle?  Because he is exactly one handsome.  Makes sense, right?

Keeping with the theme, we had a cowboy party.  With Pinterest in my pocket, I made these cute little cowboy hats to top cupcakes.  They are made of a chocolate dipped pringle and Reeses cup wrapped in a pull-apart Twizzler.  Pretty sweet, and actually not a bad flavor combination.
 You want one, don't you?!
 He wouldn't keep a hat on his head, but that's alright; it would just cover his handsomeness.

 The cake.  I went to the bakery at Safeway.  Just Safeway.  Not some fancy-schmancy bakery.  I asked the lady there for the standard size small cake.  I told her I was going to make a cowboy hat out of if and asked her if she could just put it on a larger cake plate and frost it brown.  I know they are not a custom bakery, so I'll take care of the rest.  She was so nice to agree.

But look at what she did!  She shaped the hat and curled up the bill and added the star and band!  Isn't it lovely!  She did a great job and I didn't have to touch it at all.  I was soooo happy and she wasn't even there to see me pick it up.  I love it so much!
 And it was perfect for the kid who wouldn't wear his hat.

Pierce was not much of a cake smasher.  We really had to convince him to even try it.  I blame this on the fact that I never give my babies treats before they are one.  He had no idea what to do with this.  But I tried it and it was great!

Love, love you, Piercy.  Happy birthday, five months ago.

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