Friday, October 18, 2013

Goats. And Being One.

There is a craze around here lately to mow the lawns of the drainage areas in neighborhoods with goats.  Yes, goats.  Is your area doing this?  The areas are already fenced to keep the kids out, so the fence doubles to keep the goats in.  As a bonus, you can go visit the goats and watch and get a little exposure for the kids without paying admission or driving far.  This particular area backs up to Bethelle's school, so she came home telling me about it and we drove over to see them.

Then the bad news.  While we were there, the owner of the goats came to pack them up and take them away.  They had already had a situation earlier in the day where a kid had broken open the gate.  They had just become aware that someone had fed them something that made the goats sick (there are posted rules on the fences about not doing this), so they all had to go.

Grrrrr!  People!  Can we all be mature?  And respectful?  Why is it that we have to mess with stuff that does not belong to us and that we know nothing about.  The goats were fun and kind of beautiful in their little element of nature.  But wouldn't if be funny to break the lock... snort, snort ... Let's see if we can get them to eat this garbage... snort.

And so our exposure and opportunity is gone.  Great.  Thanks.

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