Friday, October 18, 2013

End of the School Year and of an Era

As every school year does, this one came to an end.  Bethelle's school hosts a carnival complete with bounce houses, face painting, hair chalking, pizza, games, prizes, and friends.  

 Apparently, Bethelle's class also had some kind of party or event at school on the last day.  Ask me how I could tell...
A few days into the summer, Bethelle's girl scout troop went to a great little local children's farm.  Look at the fun we had!

 By far, this was Pierce's favorite moment.  Of all my children, Pierce loves stuffed animals the most.  In fact, I now understand why there are so many stuffed animals in this world.  My other kids never took to them like he does.  Now imagine when that kid sees something similar, but it moves and plays with him.  We don't have pets, so this is all new stuff to this guy.  He could have played with this kitten all day.
 Rigby with our neighbor friend, Beckett.
 The little train ride through the farm.
 And a cute little lunch for the Brownie troop.
 Pony rides.  This is Bethelle's BFF, Olleke.  We love her.
 Beckett is her brother.
 Curie.  She loved the pony.
 And then...  Just a day later...  Moving day.

Let the tears begin.  We are all sad.  And lonely.

Olleke moved to Texas.  She and Bethelle were besties.  They were so cute together and so good for each other.  She lived just a few houses down our street.

 And to make it worse, her brother was a good friend to Rigby.  How perfect was that?

They are the kind of friends that we were comfortable with.  You know that kind of friend?  We let each other into our houses when they were messy; really messy.  We could listen to each other's tirades and know the difference between total breakdown and just a temporary setback.  They were like family.  They are like family.  And now they're gone.
The kids and I spent the whole day in their driveway while the last of the boxes went in the truck.  We were there while other friends came and went, stopping by to say their goodbyes.  We watched the moving truck drive away and stayed with them as they got the kids in the car and turned off the lights.  We took happy pictures and crying pictures.  We spoke intimately and sarcastically.  Then we walked home, just a few houses away.  I was teary and Bethelle was sobbing.  It was late, so Nick took the kids inside, but Bethelle and I stayed in our driveway to wait and wave as they drove past.  My poor Bethelle.  She gets so attached.  It's a beautiful part of her.  She is such a devoted friend, but she paid for it that day, as her little heart was ripped out.

They've been gone for four months now, and life is not what it used to be.  Bethelle is attending a new  school and making new friends, but it's just not the same.  We all miss them so much!

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