Friday, October 18, 2013


On my way down to Oregon, I got a called from one of my best and longest friends that she was suddenly in town and can we get together.  Ahhhh!  I thought I was going to miss Jannah!  It was like the stars were lined up against me.  But no, she was going to be in town for several weeks.  And I could breathe again.  

We took the kids on a quick little hike in Snoqualmie and then splashing in Denny Creek on day one.  Jannah is always adventurous and likes a busy plan, so we went swimming in Lake Sammamish on day two.  Pierce got pretty hungry there and ate the dirt until he found Jannah's packed food, to which he helped himself.

 Day three (or so) was a trip to Woodland Park Zoo.  I hadn't been there in probably 25 years.  I'm sad that that statement is even possible.

Days four and five, Jannah and her crew (three girls, one boy) spent the night at my house.  In the morning, we welcomed two more little friends over, for a total of ten kids, nine and under.  Because we still did not quite feel busy enough for Jannah's threshold, Jannah asked what we could do around the house: laundry, organizing...  I told her that what I really needed to do was to pull my couch apart, assess the damage (it was broken and sagging in the middle) and fix it.  Perfect!

Here are the after pictures!  We had brackets, shims, screws, wood glue, and upholstery staples involved.  After the repairs, we decided that the couch needed some reinforcements to prevent future mishaps, so we added a couple one-by-twos and a landscape brick for good measure.

 A little battle worn, but it was all in a day's work.
Come again soon!

(No children were injured in the process of fixing the couch.   We even managed to feed them.)

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