Saturday, October 19, 2013

Curie's Fourth Birthday

It has become almost tradition to celebrate Curie's birthdays on Anderson Island.  Her big day is always within a few days of Labor Day, so it just makes sense.  I hope we can maintain the tradition when she starts to want friend parties.

Her actual birthday had been unremarkable.  It consisted mostly just of this treat
 followed by this make-over, as a gift from Bethelle.  Really, I'm speechless about it.  Curie was happy.
 It took her months to decide, but ultimately Curie asked for a lady bug party.  Aren't these clever?  As usual, they are an adaptation of something that I saw on Pinterest.
 We had hotdogs, presents, and cake at the lake park.

 All four grandparents came plus Troy's three boys.

 She was pretty excited about all the presents.

 And they were all pretty excited about the cupcakes.

 Happy birthday, Snugs.

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